2017 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 7 - State Senator

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Karen Hardy
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Washington State 7th LD Committeewoman (D)

Other Professional Experience: Currently I am the head teamster at the Rocking K Ranch in Deer Park where I manage their draft horse program. Prior to that I was a small business owner running a stable and riding facility. Before my life as a cowgirl I worked for Delta Airlines for nearly 20 years.

Education: Clark College, Minnesota Horse Training Academy

Community Service: Volunteer professional animal trainer, Rescued for a Reason Assistance Animals; Founder, Stevens County Animal Welfare Advocates; Communications Director, Stevens County Democrats

Statement: Northeastern Washington can't wait any longer. We can't keep electing the same people and expect different results. We need to create new jobs, bring in new companies, and help our communities sooner, rather than later. That's why I'm running for State Senate in the 7th Legislative District.

You can look at any map of state projects in Washington and our corner of the state gets left out. It's clear that other communities are getting new capitol projects, new transportation projects, and new community economic revitalization projects. State govornment is obviously not the answer to all of our problems but our elected leaders should be doing more to improve our economy, champion our schools, and support the people of this district. Currently living in the town of Valley, I know firsthand what it means when our region gets left out. I know the callanges of ranching, farming, and raising a family here. There are too many in tough financial situations with too little hope for better opportunities. We have so many people in our community eager to work together to make our community even better. Let's get Northeastern Washington back on track.

(509) 936-2977