2018 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Steve Hoffman
(Prefers Freedom Socialist Party)

Elected Experience: Recording Secretary, Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304

Other Professional Experience: Electrician and HVAC technician for 27 years at North Seattle College; Delegate, Martin Luther King County Labor Council; Freedom Socialist Party National Committee.

Education: Attended University of Washington; Marine Electrician Journeyperson.

Community Service: Steve is a shop steward with WFSE Local 304, member of Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, and long-time collaborator with Seattle Radical Women and advocate for LGBTQ rights. U.S. Navy veteran Steve also belongs to Veterans for Peace.  

Statement: Striking teachers are showing that working people have power if we stick together. I aim to bring that solidarity and strength to Congress.

As a union representative at a Seattle community college, I see coworkers struggle as our wages lose ground to inflation. They commute for hours because they can't afford to live near the city. Meanwhile, unemployment remains high in rural Washington. Nationally, public services are slashed while one in eight people, and one in four children, live in poverty.

Such is life under our profit-crazed economic system, administered by the millionaires of the two main political parties, who support war after war and faithfully serve the interest of the billionaires. I am running because working people need someone in D.C. who will fight for them and offer solutions that will serve their interests -- solutions like public ownership of the banks in order to finance affordable housing and infrastructure. Let's also redirect military spending and tax the rich so we can establish programs to guarantee jobs for all, while funding free education, healthcare, senior care, childcare, and sane environmental policies.

As an antiwar veteran, I will push to close U.S. military bases globally and retrain soldiers to serve hard-pressed communities at home. I will oppose privatization of the Veterans Administration.

On my job, I help members, especially women, as they stand up to bullying. I will demand federal policies, including affirmative action, to stop sexual harassment and discrimination of every sort. I will work to strengthen the ability to organize unions, and to end immigration raids that terrorize immigrant communities. ¡Sí se puede!

Endorsements: Washington Federation of State Employees Locals 304, 1488, and 1221; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Puget Sound Chapter; Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity; Seattle Radical Women.

(206) 722-2453