2018 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Joey Gibson
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: I have unapologetically no elected experience. I am a grass-roots voice for the people, motivated by passion for change and a sincere concern for the state of our country and our state.


Other Professional Experience: 10 years football coach; 10 years Real Estate investor; 2 Years Leader Patriot Prayer

Education: B.A. Psychology Central Washington University

Community Service: 2 years with Patriot Prayer putting my personal safety on the line to force mayors to stop the stand down orders on the police.  I have put countless hours and money into this organization traveling the country giving speeches and organizing for freedom.

Statement: Freedom First is a philosophy that can apply to all policy questions. A bill will either increase or decrease our freedoms. I will not ever vote for a bill that will further take away our liberties because the constitution has already been violated and trampled all over by these corrupt politician.

Gun Free Zones are a complete travesty to the constitution and to the children who have been murdered in cold blood. There are no laws that will help protect our children, good people who are armed will without a doubt help save lives.

Term Limits are an absolute must for this elitist culture we have in Washington DC. We can no longer allow these career politicians to reign over our country while they reel in millions of dollars by selling out the American people.

Protect innocent life, a baby in or out of the womb is one of the most beautiful and innocent treasures that we have in this country.

The government now often works for big business. Many regulations passed by this government destroy small business. Many laws and taxes this government touches often only help the top .001% and hurts those on the bottom. Regulatory departments such as the FDA build a monopoly for corporations willing to pay the high tab. For example, it costs 3 billion dollars and 10 years to get a drug approved, which completely cuts out all small business or independent scientist from competing with the giant corporations. This is why our cost of medication is so high. Citizens, such as Bernie supporters who point their fingers at the private sector, should also tackle government corruption. Big corporations have too much say in our government. We need a fair and free market that would allow normal people to rise up and compete.

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