2018 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 9 - U.S. Representative

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Doug Basler
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: Elected Precinct Committee officer. Elected Senior Vice Chairman of the King County Republican Party. Worked on numerous political campaigns. 2 time former candidate for US Congress.

Other Professional Experience: President and founder of EZTVSpots.com Entreprenuer, Business Executive, Business Owner, National Trainer and Conference Speaker. TV and Radio Personality. Media Producer.

Education: Central Vally High School Spokane Valley, Washington Multnomah University Portland, Oregon

Community Service: Volunteer with  The Resue Mission, The Salvation Army and other charities that feed, clothe and house the homeless and at risk families. Volunteer church youth leader for over 30 years serving young people, middle school through High School.

Statement: You Deserve Representation in Congress that listens to you!

Everyone wants to be heard, understood and empathized with, especially when it comes to the US Congress. The US House of Representatives was designed to be the closest representation to the people and the most accountable branch of government since re-election happens every 2 years. It was also created to be the most powerful branch of government, with the power of the treasury and the power of impeachment.

I have often said that public service should be like “jury duty”. That regular people like you and I would go and serve for a while, then return home and live under the laws we helped pass and let another person serve for a time. I believe that career politicians are a real problem in government, especially when they are lawyers. Lawyers and career politicians generally try to solve problems by passing another law, often with little understanding of the long-term consequences. The results can be devastating to the economy and personal freedom.

America is changing, and Washington state is a big part of that change. Our technology, aerospace and agriculture are the envy of the rest of the country. Our leadership in growth and change needs an energetic voice in congress. I am committed to represent you fairly, faithfully and confidently. I am deeply concerned about our young people being saddled with crushing student loans and then finding jobs in their industry unavailable due to the disastrous H1-B and other guest worker visa programs that are designed to replace American workers with cheap foreign labor. I will work to right this wrong and bring real reform that protects the American worker and your job security and standard of living.

Thank You for your vote and all you do!

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