2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Christine Brown

Elected Experience: I’m not a career politician.

Other Professional Experience: Journalist / News Director / News Anchor - For 30 years I investigated and reported with an objective lens on the news of the day in our communities, initially at KAPP-TV in Yakima for 5 years, and then at KNDU-TV in the Tri-Cities for 25 years.

Education: Graduate of A.C. Davis High School, Yakima; Bachelors Degree, Central Washington University

Community Service: I have proudly served on numerous Board of Directors including the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties, the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce, Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC), and Visit Tri-Cities.

Statement: I am running to be your representative because we need a big table in Congress. At this table, I’ll listen to different perspectives to hear all sides of the story. Currently, only the super wealthy and special interests are being heard; the middle-class is left out. I want to bring a big table to Congress with a seat for the people of Eastern Washington.

For 30 years, I reported on significant issues facing the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and the region: Hanford, agriculture, the economy, housing, healthcare, crime, education, and many more. Through telling those stories, I learned first-hand what’s important from your point of view.

Healthcare for All: DC politicians are playing partisan games with our healthcare, and premiums are out of control. I will fight to reduce the price of prescription drugs and for affordable universal healthcare. I support a single-payer system because being covered shouldn’t depend on a benevolent employer. Everyone should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Period.

Fix our immigration system: Our economy is tied to a large number of undocumented workers - not just in farming, but in the hospitality and construction industries. I will be a bold voice for a path to documentation and citizenship for the 11 million people who work and pay taxes here.

Protect Social Security and Medicare: Seniors have paid into Social Security and Medicare their entire lives. I will not let DC politicians steal their hard-earned benefits to give the super wealthy and corporations an unfair tax cut.

I’m proud to be endorsed by the National Women’s Political Caucus, Washington State Labor Council, Win with Women, and many other organizations. Eastern Washington deserves a representative who brings all voices to the table. I humbly ask for your support. Thank you for being an engaged citizen.

(509) 551-4277