2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Denny Heck

Elected Experience: U.S. Representative, member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Financial Services Committee. Washington State Representative, elected to five terms. Chaired historic Basic Education Subcommittee.

Other Professional Experience: Co-Founder, Intrepid Learning Solutions; Co-Founder and President, TVW – Washington’s version of C-SPAN; Chief of Staff, Governor Booth Gardner.

Education: B.A. – T.E.S.C

Community Service: Denny and his wife of 42 years, Paula (a retired middle school principal), helped create the Olympia School District Education Foundation’s Principals’ Emergency Checkbook Fund, providing low income children with supplies to be successful in school.

Statement: Our country is at its best with a strong middle class and a smart national security strategy. Here’s how we get back there:

Healthcare: Every American deserves lower insurance premiums and lower costs. I support universal coverage and giving citizens 55 and older the option of buying into Medicare early. I’ve opposed any proposal taking health insurance away from patients, attacking reproductive health, or cutting Medicare and Social Security. Instead, Congress should focus on public health crises: opioid and substance abuse, inadequate mental health services, and the gun violence epidemic. Talking about them isn’t enough.

Military and Veterans: I wake up every day grateful for our veterans and military families. Servicemembers transitioning into civilian life cannot be left behind, and Congress should ensure they receive support they've earned. I oppose privatizing the VA and support holding accountable those responsible for past failures.

Good-Paying Jobs: We need an economic recovery that includes wage growth. We need to build modern transportation, water, and energy systems. We also need action to lower housing costs and end the shortage of homes. Congress must pass net neutrality into law and ensure a fair and open Internet for all.

Our Planet: Frequent and intense droughts, wildfires, and extreme weather events threaten our national security. For our kids and grandchildren, we should implement cost efficient plans transitioning to a low-carbon economy. We must find smart ways to stop the flow of toxins and stormwater runoff into Puget Sound before our orca and salmon go extinct.

The United States is exceptional because of our commitment to the rule of law and fair, free, open elections conducted with integrity and without foreign interference. I take my oath to defend and protect our Constitution seriously, and I intend to keep it. I respectfully ask for your vote.

(360) 359-1514