2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Adam Smith

Elected Experience: United States Representative, 1997-current; Washington State Senator, 1991-1997

Other Professional Experience: Prosecutor, City of Seattle, 1993-1995; Attorney, Cromwell, Mendoza and Belur

Education: J.D., University of Washington, 1990; B.A., Fordham University, 1987, Tyee High School, 1983

Community Service: UW Evans School Honorary Advisory Board member; PTA member Issaquah High School and Issaquah Middle School; Issaquah High School Booster Member; Borgen Project Board of Directors member; former volunteer coach, Issaquah Soccer Club; former member, Northeast Tacoma Elementary PTA where my wife, Sara, served as PTA President for 2 years; former member, Federal Way Kiwanis Club; former member, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Statement: I grew up in the city of SeaTac, and have lived my entire life in the 9th District. My wife Sara and I raise our two children here, where they both attend public schools. This district is a tremendously diverse community that values hard work, and I am very proud to represent it. As a Prosecutor, State Senator, Congressman, and member of our community, I have lived the values my parents taught me—integrity, hard work, and respect for your community.

I am focused on strengthening the middle class, equity for all, and investing in our future. We must provide a progressive path forward where everyone can thrive. Working class families, like the one I grew up in, do not have the same opportunities as previous generations. This must change.

We must grow from the middle out, increase economic opportunities by raising the minimum wage, making college more affordable and accessible and providing good paying jobs, and ensure that all people have healthcare no matter their background. As the top-ranked Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, I have also prioritized making sure that our servicemembers and their families, many of whom live in the 9th District, receive the support they need and deserve.

I work hard every day to make sure every person in our district has access to the best this country has to offer; not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because this is my home—it’s personal to me, just like the prosperity of our community is personal to you.

I am passionate about serving our community and I ask for your vote.

(253) 572-6125