2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Jeffrey Beeler

Elected Experience: Sultan City Council 2009-Present; PSRC Transportation Policy Board 2014-2015; LEOFF1 Board 2016-Present

Other Professional Experience: Successful small business owner of 30 years.

Education: Graduated Mariner High School. Attended Shoreline Community College.

Community Service: Monroe YMCA basketball coach 4 years; Multiple youth programs within my church; U.S. 2 Safety Coalition Board Member 2007-Present.

Statement: As a small business owner, staying within a budget is imperative to being successful. I will back a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment and will push government to live within its means by cutting waste and government red tape, so jobs can continue to grow.

As a Sultan city council member, I enacted financial policies that produced an AA bond rating, the first ever for Sultan and the highest rating you can achieve for a small city.

The reason congress is not getting things done is due to the polarization that it is mired in. There is the far left and the far right and neither side wants to put aside their "party line" and use a common-sense approach to find common ground. I intend to put aside our political partisanship and take those ideas we can agree on to start making the hard decisions the American people expect.

I support comprehensive immigration reform but also recognize that border security is paramount to a safe and secure country. We need to stem the tide of illegal immigration into our country. At the same time, we must compassionately address the issue of illegal immigrants and their children that already make America their home.

Providing healthcare for my family has been one of my biggest challenges. With increasing costs and the fact many insurance providers are leaving the state because of the many mandates, it has gotten harder and harder to find affordable healthcare. Enacting common sense legislation such as the HEALTH Act of 2016, can reduce the overall cost of insurance and help curb frivolous lawsuits that are driving competent healthcare workers and companies out of Washington.

I ask for your vote, so I may go and represent you and promote the changes needed to move our country forward.

(425) 319-3338