2018 General Election Voters' Guide
Legislative District 47 - State Representative Pos. 2

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Pat Sullivan
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Pat has served as a City Councilmember and Mayor of Covington and currently is our State Representative in Olympia.  He was elected by his peers to serve as House Majority Leader.

Other Professional Experience: Pat has experience as a legislative assistant at the local, regional and state level.  He also served as chair of his local economic development commission.

Education: Pat has a BA from the University of Washington.

Community Service: Pat has a long history of involvement in his community serving as a youth sports coach, PTA President, service organization member and on a number of community and nonprofit organization boards.

Statement: Pat Sullivan is running for State Representative because he has a sincere commitment to making government more efficient, effective and accountable. He refuses to send taxpayer funded newsletters and opposes out of state travel and junkets. Pat's leadership was crucial to improving our education system and funding our schools. He continues fighting to lower property taxes and B&O taxes for small businesses.

Pat believes that leadership means working with members of both parties to solve problems and not being afraid to say no to your friends. Innovation, common sense and a bipartisan approach is how he gets things done.

(253) 740-6772