2018 General Election Voters' Guide
Legislative District 36 - State Senator

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Bryan Simonson
(Prefers Libertarian Party)

Elected Experience: Bryan is seeking his first elected office, and relishes the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to Olympia.

Other Professional Experience: 16 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. Currently a senior analytics consultant at Campfire Analytics.

Education: Studied Computer Science at Bellevue College

Community Service: As an activist, Bryan fights to end the corrupting influence of crony corporatism in Washington.

Statement: These days you can't really escape politics. It is everywhere. You can't even watch football in peace! It seems like every detail of daily life has been invaded.

The story is always the same: There's a bad guy that is stopping the world from being a better place. It is their fault, and if you disagree, you must be a bad guy too! And every one of us has been on the other side of that attack. We've all been labeled the bad guy based on nothing more than the group we belong to. It is a shame because we're all on the same team.

We all want the same things! We all want jobs, peaceful neighborhoods, shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, and prosperity for everyone. We all want to keep Washington green and beautiful. And we all have different ideas for how to get there- and that's okay! Passionate, but respectful, open debate is key to effective governance- and we've lost that.

I pledge to make humility, transparency, and listening the hallmarks of my tenure. None of us alone have all the answers, but all of us- working together!- can do incredible things.