2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Karen Hardy

Elected Experience: Washington State 7th LD Committeewoman

Other Professional Experience: Nearly 20 years with Delta Airlines took me around the world, from cleaning crew to security coordination in multiple cities. September 11th was cause for a refocus in my life. Following my lifelong love of horses, I became a licensed horse trainer, wrangler, and eventually owned a stable. I currently manage a draft horse program near Deer Park, yet my proudest “jobs,” have been Mom to two girls who are now wonderful young women and wife to my amazing husband.

Education: Clark College, WA; Minnesota Horse Training Academy

Community Service: Founder, Stevens County Animal Welfare Advocates

Statement: Trust should be something we experience from our lawmakers, not something we owe them for simply spending decades in politics. Almost all we can count on from Olympia or the other Washington these days are words like “fight” and “battle”, then the blame game when promises made become excuses given.

I have a different approach, one that begins with honesty. The truth is, we don’t have economic prosperity to defend. Our retirement funds are being drained for healthcare, helping our children who have moved back home, and caring for our grandchildren while their parents desperately try to make ends meet.

We need to admit that our veterans have to choose between healthcare and food, our friends and neighbors are experiencing the devastation of addiction, our community is failing to thrive in a State that is thriving. Creating jobs, managing natural resources and providing quality education can’t just be a promise, it’s time to make it a reality.

Together, let’s restore a trust that we can experience through honest conversations about our real, everyday concerns. It’s time to stop fighting and start working. I trust we can do better and I ask for your vote to prove it. Thank you.

(509) 936-2977