2018 General Election Voters' Guide
Legislative District 5 - State Representative Pos. 1

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Chad Magendanz
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: Elected to WA House of Representatives in 2012 & 2014; Served on Education (Ranking Member), Higher Education, Technology & Economic Development, Rules, and Appropriations committees; Appointed to five bipartisan school funding and quality task forces; Former Issaquah School Board President

Other Professional Experience: Software developer for Microsoft, Nike, Panasonic and other high tech companies; U.S. Navy submarine officer (12 years); Microsoft manager (10 years) with over 20 patent awards

Education: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University

Community Service: TEALS computer science teacher; PTA Outstanding Advocate; Kiwanis; American Legion; Tiger Mountain resident with wife Galen (29 years); Father of two CS majors at MIT and Utah

Statement: In a world of increasingly partisan politics, Chad has earned a reputation for building bridges. An education champion in Olympia, he led negotiations to double school funding while reducing property tax rates in 44% of districts. He formed bipartisan coalitions to pass landmark legislation on computer science education, innovative schools, electric vehicles, and cybercrime.

When endorsed for his previous House races, The Seattle Times called Chad “one of the clearest thinkers in the Legislature” who “brings much-needed moderation and intellectual rigor to Olympia”. Having received only "Outstanding" ratings in past Municipal League candidate evaluations, he's earned our vote.

(425) 395-4895