2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Suzan DelBene

Elected Experience: United States Representative, 2012-Present. Ways and Means Committee and Budget Committee

Other Professional Experience: Successful career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. Former Microsoft executive, led local high-tech startups. Former Director of Washington's Department of Revenue, where I led efforts to simplify the tax system and help small businesses.

Education: B.A., Reed College; M.B.A., University of Washington.

Community Service: I've mentored students at UW Business School; been active in my church, serving as a board member. Volunteered with the PTA, Girl Scouts and YWCA, supporting transitional housing, job training and services to help families get back on their feet.   

Statement: In these uncertain times, the 1st Congressional District needs steady, experienced representation. As your Congresswoman, I've stood up against partisan gridlock while working to strengthen middle class families. I'm standing up for our democratic values as well.

On too many issues, it feels like we are going backwards. With Congressional Republicans rubberstamping Trump, millions are losing health coverage. The federal deficit is exploding as Republicans hand out unaffordable tax cuts to the wealthy and powerful corporations.

That's why I'm fighting to preserve health care coverage, restore fiscal sanity, and boost our economy. We must help our veterans and military families. I've introduced legislation to reduce veteran unemployment and boost job-training. I passed a law to close a Pentagon loophole that denied justice for child abuse survivors.

We saw how critical infrastructure is when the I5 Skagit River bridge collapsed. We cannot grow our economy and create jobs if we allow our roads, bridges, and ports to crumble. I supported major new investments to rebuild our infrastructure, from highways and rail lines to rural broadband. I secured an increase in an affordable housing tax credit to reduce the cost of housing. I'm fighting for immigration reform, strengthening data privacy and providing resources for opioids treatment. I passed legislation to provide $200 million for job training programs, $22 million in Washington state. I've introduced legislation to help small businesses with quality, affordable health insurance for their employees.

I'll protect Social Security, Medicare and a woman's right to choose. I stood up against hyperpartisan Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood. I have endorsements from Democratic groups, labor organizations, local leaders and many others.

Making progress in Congress isn't easy, but I'm working to expand economic opportunities, broaden the middle-class, support Washington agriculture and represent our values. I ask for your support.

(425) 483-1500