2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Craig Keller

Elected Experience: Precinct committee officer, 24 years. With the voters' trust I hope to serve them in Congress after having interned there long ago (1984).

Other Professional Experience: I represent manufacturers of earthquake protection devices proudly made in the U.S.A. I manage investment portfolios for retirees. I helped save Seattle Sorbets and even picked apples one fall.

Education: B.A. Hillsdale College, Economics; Chartered Financial Analyst

Community Service: PTA CoPresident. Cofounded RespectWashington.us defending citizens and legal immigrants against politicians who exploit immigration fraud. Successful "sanctuary" repeal petitions in Spokane and Burien. Cofounded SaveOurChoice.us defending consumer choice (petitions to repeal soda tax, bag ban and job-killing wage).

Statement: Time to Drain the Swamp in D.C. and Seattle! Time to dump Marxist attempts at wealth redistribution and racial division that are degrading our cities. Yes, it is time to resist the job-killing "head tax" advocated by the incumbent and others who conjure "class" warfare.

Also unlike that opposite ballot choice, I will vote mandatory E-verify to halt SSN theft committed by illegal aliens. E-verify already is the taxpayer's most effective remedy against unlawful employment and used by our most responsible local employers such as Boeing, Starbucks and Costco. Once employers take 15 minutes to enroll they become equipped to detect fraudulent name-SSN combinations. Illegal aliens will migrate back to their country of work authorization and may reenter with valid visa.

Not only do drug cartels profit from sale of fake ID, but they prostitute children. Twice now the incumbent has voted against bills (HR1761, HR1865) that strengthen prosecution of human traffickers and pornographers. HR1865 was supported by both U.S. Senators, The Seattle Times and signed by President Trump. With your vote I will protect children.

You can also depend upon me to support maximum prosecution of assassination attempts upon our police officers. On May 16th the incumbent voted against HR5698 which President Trump will soon sign to empower federal prosecution of assassins.

If you hire me to Congress I will never betray our seniors by voting amnesty for 10-20 million illegals. The incumbent, however, would vote illegal aliens an amnesty "pathway" to your Social Security and thereby blow up an already insolvent Old-Age and Survivors and Disability Insurance program. That's insurance fraud! Help me help you block such theft.

I ask for your vote. Also, please join me in voting for Seattle police captain and U.S. Senate candidate Keith Swank.

(206) 932-2243