2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Joseph Brumbles

Elected Experience: None yet, However I have the skills to succeed.

Other Professional Experience: A proven business leader in the corporate sector for over thirteen years. Currently manages a business, With 27 employees and over $10 million per year in revenue. Over a decade of managing in the healthcare industry as well.

Education: University Of Las Vegas Nevada -Business,Cras-Alumni

Community Service: Joseph believes in helping others, And has been helping consistently in the community for many years. Including but not limited to: LLS Light The Night, Youth Urban Games, YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club, ADA, American Heart Association & So many more. 

Statement: Hi Im Joseph Brumbles. I am running for "We The People". I believe in truth in politics, And delivering on campaign promises. I also believe in staying true to the oath of office. My main focus is to stand up for Liberty, And to protect our constitutional rights.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that our children, Get to enjoy the same freedoms that we have enjoyed, and hopefully many more. I am a single father of two daughters, and I know the struggles of everyday life. My intent is to use what I have learned from life, and my many years as a business leader to help "We The People". Ingrained into me, Is a true desire to help impact our futures, In only bright and productive way's.

Our movement is a bright beacon of hope, Fueled by an overpowering need for positive, and proactive change for all. I am a constitutional conservative, Which means that I believe whole heartedly in upholding our constitution. I will never vote yes on an unconstitutional piece of legislation. I keep my word, I believe in honor and integrity, Reliability and strength. I believe in Truth In Politics. I am confident that I will get the job done.

With your vote we will win, I will take the lead and work hard while in congress, to become a true champion for "We The People." I have a long "To Do" list while in congress, However some concerns include but are not limited to: A Fair Tax, A Balanced Budget, Strengthening The Middle Class, School Safety & Reform, & Affordable Energy. We need to take a stand for Liberty, Stand with me.

"Standing For Unity, Standing For You" While,

"Building A Movement Based On Unity, Without Sacrificing Liberty." -Joseph Brumbles

(253) 375-5424