2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Douglas Dightman

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Family Physician, Mason General Hospital and Family of Clinics, current. Family Physician, Forks Hospital District, past.  Epidemiologist, Benton Franklin Health District, 2002

Education: Graduate, Tumwater High School, Tumwater, WA 1988. Graduate, University of Washington, 1993. Graduate, University of Arizona, Masters of Public Health, 2002. Graduate, University of Washington School of Medicine, 2007

Community Service: Participant, Access to Opiate Treatment Work Group, Mason County.  

Statement: Blessed by being born in Western Washington and awash in countless opportunities provided to myself by family and community I now have the privilege to practice medicine in Shelton, Washington. Certainly, we live in a land of opportunity graced with a fundamental framework which enables individuals to turn hard work into success. While the playing field may not be entirely even based on variables such as race, family funds or luck, the opportunity to succeed in the United States is at least equal to anywhere in the world. If given the opportunity my first responsibility to the people of the 6th district will be to prolong this reality and continue to give all individuals equal access to the opportunities that exist in our great nation.

We live in a representative democracy. The issues before congress are vast and the expertise needed to inform wise decisions is extensive. I do not believe any one person has the expertise needed. On a daily basis I have the honor of taking care of patients. As a family physician I first consider my patient’s priorities, wishes, and beliefs and then integrate my own knowledge, often aided by specialist recommendations, to create an appropriate care plan. This is what we need our representatives in congress to do every day- listen to specialist/experts, judge the value of the information, integrate our own beliefs and priorities and make decisions for us.

My belief is that the federal government exists to protect its citizens by providing a strong national defense, a thriving free market and a guarantee that all citizens have access to the riches these create- access assured by excellent education and balanced social programs without sacrificing the future of our children by burying them in crippling debt and choking out their opportunities.

Thank you.

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