2018 General Election Voters' Guide

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Brian Luke

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I have worked in the grocery business for 22 years.

Education: I have a Master of Arts in International Studies (Middle East focus) and three Bachelor of Arts in History, Comparative Religion and Classical Studies, all from the University of Washington. Furthermore, I have an Advanced Paralegal Certificate from Edmonds Community College.

Community Service: No information submitted

Statement: I am running for Congress because I am concerned about the national debt, US foreign policy, jobs, and matters of freedom.

Our debt is now over $21 Trillion. We must collect sufficient revenue to pay for the federal government and not overspend. We do neither, which is why we have huge deficits. We must be willing to cut domestic, foreign policy and military spending. Moreover, we must be careful how much we lower taxes if there is a failure to cut spending.

The United States should not waste precious blood and treasure abroad. Foolish foreign engagements and wars disrespect the soldier and add more debt. The United States must seek diplomacy with all nations but be cautious of being a patron to them. Long-term deployments must be reviewed.

I support an economic environment that creates and maintains jobs. I support the elimination of laws and regulations that do not support those goals. Although international commerce is important to the United States, I believe that the United States should be cautious of trade agreements with countries that do not have a similar standard of living. With the status of current labor law, I oppose a national Right-to-Work law, which would have government dictate what can be included in a contract between an employer and a private-sector union.

I believe that the federal government should give more freedom to the states. For example, it is time to repeal the federal prohibition of marijuana. I do not believe that the U.S. Constitution gives authority to Congress to regulate marijuana and other issues within a state.

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