2018 General Election Voters' Guide
Legislative District 37 - State Representative Pos. 2

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Tamra Smilanich
(Prefers Independent Party)

Elected Experience: Neighborhood Association Chair, Precinct Officer, Past Legislative District Chair, Past Legislative District Caucus Chair

Other Professional Experience: Contractor in public and private schools.  Negotiator of housing contracts. Worked for Parks and Recreation; Atlantic Street Center (non profit).  Business Manager. 

Education: BA Sociology and Social Welfare UW, AAS Shoreline Community College with criminal justic emphasis. Educated on Agenda 21 and Redevelopment Vision 2040. Training in Code of Ethics, Energy Star; Green Energy; Sustainable Development, WA Building Code Council

Community Service: Community board member; courtsey citizen tour docent of State Legislature, volunteer educator of civil/constituional rights, interscholastic athletics coach/official, citizen respondent in government hearings.

Statement: I agree with Democrats; Education, Transportation, Wages are important; there are better solutions though. School curriculum should teach Absolutes-"Common Core" erodes this. I support "Lessons Taught" to students rather than "Testing to Remember".

Why are legislators voting to take money from the poor, again? I don't support road user fees-this hurts a large percentage of our population. Olympia has assisted Electric Companies to implement peak hour rates on you Smart Meters will do this. State Income Tax Dream=Individuals with money Can Dontate to State Fund that helps others. Your choice for better solutions, vote with vision!

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